2009 Silver Proof Set

2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set

More dramatic change occurred for the US Mint’s annual coin sets, following the proliferation of different coinage designs. The 2009 Silver Proof Set expanded to its largest size on record, with 18 different coins. Sales officially began on July 17, 2009, with the sets priced at $52.95 each, an increase of $8 from the prior year.

There were eight silver coins included in each set with an aggregate silver content of 1.51907 troy ounces. This remains the highest silver content within a modern US Mint Silver Proof Set. The increase was the result of the DC & US Territories Quarters, which included six designs, rather than the typical five quarter designs per year. The remaining silver coins were the Kennedy Half Dollar and Roosevelt Dime.

Non-silver coins included in the set also saw an increase, driven by the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Cents. Four different designs were issued to mark the different stages in the life of Abraham Lincoln. The remaining coins were the four Presidential Dollars featuring William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk, and Zachary Taylor, the Jefferson Nickel, and the Native American Dollar. The final coin was the first issue of a new series featuring the Sacagawea Dollar obverse paired with annually rotating reverse designs depicting the contributions and accomplishments of Native Americans.

The 2009 Silver Proof Set had final reported sales of 697,365 units. This was the lowest level in a decade, but did not generate significant excitement with collectors. As the scope of the annual set had increased, along with the issue price, total sales had been on the decline. Lower mintages failed to resonate with collectors as they had in the past. On the secondary market, the majority of the value of the set remains driven by the silver content.

Packaging for the set consisted of four separate lenses containing the coins. The first lens contained the four cents, the second lens contained the six quarters, the third lens contained the four Presidential Dollars, and the fourth lens contained the remaining coins. These were placed within a single cardboard box with “2009 United States Mint Silver Proof Set” on the front and an image of the San Francisco Mint on the back. Each set included a certificate of authenticity.

2009 Silver Proof Set Information

Coins per Set: 18
Face Value: $7.19
Silver Content: 1.51907 troy ounces
Original Issue Price:
Mintage: 697,365