Other Special Formats

Over the years, the United States Mint has offered various proof sets in special formats. The Prestige Proof Sets and American Legacy Collections included the commemorative half dollar and silver dollars issued for the year to make for a more complete set in special packaging. The Premier Silver Proof Sets offered more advanced packaging with special features for display and storage. Most recently, the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set brought together all of the 90% silver proof coins with the Proof American Silver Eagle.

Prestige Proof Sets

The first Prestige Proof Sets were offered by the US Mint in 1983. The sets included the five proof coins found in the standard set, as well as the proof version of the 1983 Olympic Silver Dollar. For subsequent years, the coins included in the set would changed based on the current commemorative coin program. Some years included only a silver dollar, while other years included both a half dollar and silver dollar. The final Prestige Proof Set was issued in 1997, after which the product line was discontinued.

Premier Silver Proof Sets

With the introduction of the Silver Proof Set in 1992, the US Mint also began offering the Premier Silver Proof Set. These sets included the same coins as the regular Silver Proof Sets, but in more advanced packaging. Pricing was also significantly higher with the Premier Sets priced at $37.50 each, compared to $21.00 for the regular set. Despite this, sales were relative high during the period of issuance from 1992 to 1998.

American Legacy Collections

In 2005, the US Mint introduced the American Legacy Collection. Similar to the earlier Prestige Proof Sets, each collection included the standard proof coins issued for the year with the addition of one or more commemorative coins. This time, the products placed more emphasis on the commemorative issues with specific background, information, and illustrations. For each year, a maximum limit of 50,000 sets was in place. After sales failed to live up to expectations, the product line was discontinued after 2008.

Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets

Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

The Limited Edition Silver Proof Set was introduced as a new special format in 2012. Each set brought together the year’s 90% silver proof coins with the Proof American Silver Eagle. A total of eight coins were represented, including the dime, five quarters, half dollar and Silver Eagle, placed within special upscale packaging. For each year the United States Mint set a relatively low product limit of 50,000 sets.

Prestige Proof Set Mintages

1983 140,361
1984 316,680
1986 599,317
1987 435,495
1988 231,661
1989 211,807
1990 506,126
1991 256,954
1992 183,293
1993 224,045
1994 175,893
1995 107,112
1996 55,000
1997 80,000


Premier Silver Proof Set Mintages

1992 308,055
1993 191,140
1994 149,320
1995 130,107
1996 151,366
1997 136,205
1998 240,658


American Legacy Collection Mintages

2005 50,000
2006 50,000
2007 27,023
2008 21,194


Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Mintages

2012 44,952
2013 47,971
2014 42,614