1950 Proof Set

The 1950 Proof Set (Buy on eBay) marked the resumption of production for Proof coinage following a seven year hiatus. The United States Mint had stopped striking Proof coins after 1942 due to the second world war. In the years immediately following the war, the U.S. Mint remained unable to resume the collector coins due to their obligation to produce millions of medals for America’s military.

1950 Proof Washington Quarter

Two new designs made their first appearance in Proof format. This included the Roosevelt Dime, which had been introduced in 1946, and the Franklin Half Dollar, introduced in 1948. Collector enthusiasm about the return of the Proof Set, the new coin designs, and the general increasing popularity of collecting Proof coins, drove sales to 51,386. This was twice the sales level of the 1942 Proof Set, but only a fraction of the high mintages that would follow.

Besides the new dime and half dollar, each 1950 Proof Set also included Proof versions of the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, and Washington Quarter. The Proof coins 1950 are primarily found with brilliant Proof finishes, although some coins have a finish that is more satin like in appearance. The most desirable specimens display a cameo or deep cameo effect with the raised elements of the coin frosted and the backgrounds mirrored. High premiums are paid for cameo and deep cameo coins.

The original packaging for the 1950 Proof Set comprised of individual cellophane sleeves for each coin. These were stapled at the top, wrapped in tissue paper, and placed into a cardboard box. The box was sealed shut with paper tape. Unlike earlier years, only complete sets were offered. Today, many 1950 Proof Sets reside in Capital Plastics or other coin holders.

1950 Proof Set Coins

1950 Proof Set Information

  • Coins per Set: 5
  • Face Value: $0.91
  • Original Issue Price: $2.10
  • Mintage: 51,386

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