1963 Proof Set

1963 Proof Set

1963 US Mint Proof Set

Sales of the 1963 Proof Set (Buy on eBay) experienced a slight decline from the levels of the previous year, however remained high on a historical basis. Total sales reached 3,075,645 before the US Mint concluded the offering. At the time, no one knew that this would be the final year that the Franklin Half Dollar would be struck.

For current collectors, the high mintages of the proof sets issued during the 1960’s have ensured continued widespread availability. In recent years prices have moved upwards, driven by the higher market price of silver. Each set includes the half dollar, quarter dollar, and dime, which are struck in 90% silver. The two other coins are the cent and nickel.

Proof coins from this year can be found with brilliant, cameo, or deep cameo finishes. Continued improvements in the US Mint’s production standards make cameo and deep cameo coins more readily encountered than earlier years. However, these coins still demand a premium, especially for top graded examples.

The 1963 Proof Set was packaged in the US Mint’s standard flat pack. The five coins plus a foil insert indicating the mint of origin were sealed within a plastic cellophane pack. This was placed between cardboard inserts within a Treasury Department envelope marked “1963 P.C.”

1963 Proof Set Information

Coins Per Set: 5
Face Value: $0.91
Original Issue Price:
Mintage: 3,075,645

1963 Proof Set Envelope