2004 Silver Proof Set

The 2004 Silver Proof Set (Buy on eBay) experienced a price jump from last year’s $31.95 price to $37.95. The reason for the increase was the addition of an eleventh coin and the higher market price of silver. The increased price did little to lower demand, as the mintage was nearly the same as the prior year.

Each set contained the five 2004 State Quarters, which featured Michigan, Florida, Texas, Iowa, and Wisconsin. The two Westward Journey Nickels were included, which featured the Peace Medal and Handshake designs. Finally, the Sacagawea Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar, Roosevelt Dime, and Lincoln Cent were included. The half dollar, quarters, and dime were produced with a composition of 90% silver or “coin silver.”

This year, the U.S. Mint started offering a separate State Quarters Silver Proof Set. This set contained only the five quarters struck in 90% silver and was priced at $23.95. This offering eventually sold 593,852 units.

The 2004 Silver Proof Set packaging maintained its consistent format. The red colored box featured an image of the Statue of Liberty and the U.S. Mint’s logo. Inside the box were two plastic lenses, one containing the State Quarters and the other containing the remaining coins.

2004 Silver Proof Set Coins

2004 Silver Proof Set Information

  • Coins per Set: 10
  • Face Value: $2.96
  • Silver Content: 1.338 troy oz. (41.616 g)
  • Original Issue Price: $37.95
  • Mintage: 1,175,934

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