2010-2019 Proof Sets

2011-S Proof Jefferson Nickel

After spending many decades as a hugely popular collector product, the annual Proof Set moved into a period of lower sales from 2010 to present. For some years the lower distribution has resulted in higher prices on the secondary market for the new key sets.

The Proof Sets issued during this era were once again dominated by series featuring multiple or rotating designs. The America the Beautiful Quarters Program launched in 2010 and would feature five different designs per year representing different national parks or sites. The Presidential Dollar Program continued its run honoring the former Presidents of the United States at the rate of four different designs per year. The Native American Dollar featured a different reverse design each year showcasing the contributions and accomplishments of Native Americans.

After selling more than one million units in both 2010 and 2011, sales dipped far below this mark in 2012 reaching just 794,002 units. Representing the lowest product mintage in decades, this ignited secondary market prices and also seemed to spur some renewed interest in the product. Sales now seem to have stabilized, solidifying the status of a new key date set for the long running product.

2010-2019 Proof Sets By Year

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