1968 Proof Set

The 1968 Proof Set (Buy on eBay) marked the resumption of Proof Set production following a three year hiatus. From 1965 to 1967, Special Mint Sets had been produced in lieu of the traditional annual Mint Set and Proof Set. The set contained a total of five coins with a face value of 91 cents.

The 1968 Proof Set adopted many of the modern aspects of annual Proof Sets. All of the Proof coins were produced at the San Francisco Mint and carried the “S” mint mark. This included Proof coins for which the San Francisco Mint did not produced a circulating version of the coin. In prior years the Proof coins had been produced at the Philadelphia Mint.

The packaging for the Proof Set also established a new format that is basically still used. The coins were sealed in a rigid plastic holder and placed in a cardboard box. In prior years, the coins were sealed in soft cellophane packs and placed into envelopes.

The 1968 Proof Set was offered at $5.00 per set, which was a large jump from the price of the 1964 Proof Set, which had been priced at $2.10. Nonetheless, sales were strong at over 3 million.

Some 1968-S Proof coins are found with cameo or deep cameo features, while the occurrence was more common than earlier Proof Sets, they are still desirable and demand premiums when found in high grades.  A rare 1968 “No S” Roosevelt Dime error is found in some sets. This error coin is extremely scarce and valued above $10,000.

1968 Proof Set Coins

1968 Proof Set Information

  • Coins per Set: 5
  • Face Value: $0.91
  • Mintage: 3,041,506
  • Original Issue Price: $5.00

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